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National  GP Patient Survey

What you thought of your practice, 306 Medical Centre!

The GP National Survey was carried out by NHS England together with Ipsos Mori by posting survey forms to you. The survey results are published in July each year

These survey results usually relate to the period from Jan  – Mar/Apr.

GP Patient National Survey July 2023












GP Patient National Survey July 2022

Headlines from GP Patient National Survey July 2020

Headlines from GP Patient National Survey July 2019

NHS Reviews

You can visit NHS Website (www.nhs.uk) to see what patients are saying about the practice. You can also post your reviews by visiting this site.

To see what our patient reviews click on link below:


Friends & Family Survey

Please complete a short questionnaire to tell us about your recent experience of our service.

You can complete the friends and family test by clicking the tile to the right hand side of this page.

Or you can download our enhanced Friends and Family Test below and email your completed response to SOUCCG.306medicalcentre@nhs.net:

DOWNLOAD HERE: FFT & Your Appt Booking Experience Feedback

You can also respond to this survey via SMS by texting 7308 to 07800 001234

(Please note: normal network charges apply or if you have a bundle it will not cost you extra as long as you are within your bundle limit for free texts)

Monthly Survey Reports

Please read the monthly Survey Reports below to see what our patients have said about their recent experience of our service.

We always strive to improve and reflect on all comments received, with a view to ensuring that our patients have a good experience at the surgery.

Survey Aug 2023

Survey July 2023

Survey Report Jun 2023

Survey Report May 2023

Survey Report  Apr 2023

Survey Report  Mar 2023

Survey Report  Feb 2023

Survey Report  Jan 2023

Survey Report Dec 2022

Survey Report Nov 2022

Survey Report Oct 2022

Survey Report  Sept 2022

Survey Report Aug 2022

Survey Report July 2022

Survey Report June 2022

Survey Report May 2022

Survey Report April 2022

Survey Report Mar 2022

Survey Report Feb 2022

Survey Report Jan 2022

Survey Report Dec 2021

Survey Report Nov 2021

Survey Report Oct 2021

Survey Report Sept 2021

Survey Report Aug 2021

Survey Report July 2021

Survey Report June 2021

Survey Report May 2021

Survey Report Apr 2021

Survey Report Mar 2021

Survey Report Feb 2021

Survey Report Jan 2021

Survey Report Dec 2020

Survey Report Nov 2020

Survey Report Oct 2020

Survey Report Sept 2020

Survey Report Aug 2020

Survey Report July 2020

Survey Report June 2020

Survey Report May 2020

Survey Report Apr 2020

Survey Report Mar 2020

Survey Report Feb 2020

Survey Report Jan 2020

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