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Patient Questions and Challenges in General Practice

Posted on October 4th, 2021

We have recently had questions from patients, particularly regarding face to face appointments and why our doors are not open and the wait times for appointments.

We are seeing patients face to face where this is clinically necessary. We are aware that telephone/video appointments may not be suitable for everyone and we will facilitate a face to face appointment when this is necessary after telephone triage. Clinically, telephone triage and advice would suffice in some situations and where this is not possible you will be offered a face to face appointment.

We have a small waiting area and we control access into the waiting area mainly to keep our patients safe. Hope you will understand that unlike a shop we may have clinically vulnerable patients on our premises, so keeping the doors open may be challenging in the event that a patient who may be symptomatic walks in from the street. Keeping access controlled, enables us to screen patients so we can keep our staff and patients safe. Thus ensuring a sustainable service for all and it is this that has helped us to provide a continuous service during the pandemic, when all our staff have worked from the premises and not from home.

We are also experiencing unprecedented demand on our services and  striving to prioritise essential patient care. Our team has been working very hard for you since the onset of the pandemic and at no point have we been closed. We have more appointments available now and have also enhanced capacity from pre-covid levels. However for us to help you, please use the service appropriately and kindly cancel appointments if you do not need them so these can be offered to patients who need them.

We would value mutual courtesy, support and kindness during these challenging times. Help us to help you by being mindful that whilst we always strive to meet your expectations there may be occasions where this may not be possible as it may not be in our control. Rest assured that we will always try our our best to help you where practicable.

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