Coil and Implants fitting service is provided by Dr Chawdhery.

Please book a routine appointment with Dr Chawdhery to discuss your contraceptive choices. If you decide you would like to have either a coil or implant fitted, you will be booked into the next available Coil clinic at the surgery, this is usually on Fridays after morning surgery. You will also be given information of what you must do prior to the coil/ implant fitting appointment.

You will be given an appointment for your coil or implant fitting before your leave the surgery. Please book in at reception when you arrive for your appointment.

On the day of the procedure please book in at Reception when you arrive for your appointment. Inevitably on some occasions these clinics run slightly late due to delays in morning surgery.

Dr Chawdhery will again discuss the planned procedure to you and ask you to sign a consent form. She will also check with you that is safe for you to have the coil or implant fitted on the day. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure.

Contraceptive Choices

Further information: This leaflet link gives a brief summary of the methods of contraception as a guide.   All these methods have their own detailed leaflet for more information. Or you can ask your practice nurse, doctor or pharmacist if you want more detailed information about any of these methods.

The fpa (formerly the Family Planning Association) also provides information and advice.
FPA’s helpline: 0845 310 1334 or visit their website